John Lechner is a photograher and writer with a particular focus on Equestrian, particularly Eventing.

Adelaide Pics

Earlier this week I uploaded some of my Adelaide pics, although despite the Photoshelter uploader telling me it had completed the job some images are missing. I need to work out which ones, more work.

Anyhow, I have been on my 365 project for about eight months now and I can see the difference in my photography in that time and I hope you can too. On reflection, my Adelaide pics are not nearly as good as my most recent Sydney pics. This is good. That said there are some standouts for me, some I like purely for the moment they capture rather than the quality of the image like this one of Megan Jones and Kirby Park Irish Jester or Festy to his friends. This was just after cross country in the 10 minute box. This was Festy’s first four star after his fateful trip to the US for WEG and probably his last four star. You can see the love in both their eyes. Best thing is Megan didn’t know I was shooting so it was just a perfect moment, just the two of them.

The kiss

Megan & Jester, in a beautiful moment, image by ESJ Photo

But then again I do I do love a good galloping horse pic, and there were a few I liked from Adelaide, both close ups and at a distance.

Jaymee is the eldest daughter of gold medalist Stuart Tinney

Jaymee Tinney starting her two star run at Adelaide 2011

And this one of Seamus Marwood up close I do like very much.

Detail shot at a gallop

Seamus Marwood & Wild Oats up close

Here is the full gallery, please help me out if you like this post and my pics, share it with your friend on your social networks.

Thanks, yours in Eventing



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