John Lechner is a photograher and writer with a particular focus on Equestrian, particularly Eventing.

Heading to Prague and Poland this week

I am well aware that I lead a privileged life, I have a great family, a job I enjoy and the opportunity to pursue my dreams no matter where they are or what they might be. So this week I am heading off to Europe for a short 10 day trip on my own, again to pursue my dreams.

Thanks to the FEI Global Education Program for Eventing Officials I am off to Strezgom in Poland to be the Technical Delegate (TD) for the CIC2* and CCI2* classes. This is slightly daunting, not the least because every single rider entered comes from a nation where English is the second, third or even fourth language spoken. Personally I speak very poor German and slightly better Italian but realistically I would struggle in both of those countries. My Polish is non-existent.

As a traveller that gets slightly fanatical about research and flight bookings, I learned very quickly that the closest International Airport to Strezgom was Prague, BUGGER!!

Prague is a photographers dream, so the plan was easy, I leave early catch a few days in Prague then drive up to Poland. So this Friday I fly out of Sydney via Dubai and then on direct to Prague. Gotta love that Emirates do it direct, no going through a second or third airport just two flights.

I arrive in Prague on Saturday afternoon and then have until Tuesday morning, it was Wednesday morning but I am needed in Poland early ;(. Never mind after the event finishes on Sunday arvo I will head back to Prague for an extra night before flying out Monday afternoon.

I am currently studying another level in my photography and already have my portfolio list which is great, so I have a plan for my time in Prague.

Need to shoot: 

  • Landscape
  • Long exposure
  • Dramatic black and white
  • Environmental portrait (hopefully)

Anyhow I have about 60 hours at the start of the trip in Prague and I plan to use them all. Sunday morning I am off on a Segway tour of Prague which should be fun and will help me scout some sites for shoots.

That said, I have some great inspiration in these shots from Miroslav Petrasko on his site HDRShooter while I wont be aiming for HDR I will be aiming for some great night scenes, fingers crossed.

Anyhow three more days at work, two more sleeps (please let me sleep), a PT session, photography class, soccer & music lessons for the boys plus another day trip to Sydney before heading off so I should sleep well on the plane. 

No pics for this post but I suspect the rest will be very pic heavy and light on for words, see you in Prague.




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