John Lechner is a photograher and writer with a particular focus on Equestrian, particularly Eventing.

Not quite to plan…… Prague and Poland (Strzegom)


A great thought, this is on the Lennon Wall in Prague.

There is no question one item has dominated my trip to Prague and Strzegom, RAIN. It has rained every single day. I had one afternoon of perfect weather which was Friday when the cross country for CIC1* & 2* ran.

But that is it, no more mentions of the rain. My first few days in Prague were just unbelievable, this city is just stunning. I could spend weeks exploring every new nook and cranny.


The Vltava River was still rising this morning when I went for a walk. The Charles Bridge was closed.


This is the lock in the Vltava River, normally there is a difference in the water levels at either end.


This is a very cool piece of engineering, it is a temporary flood wall that can be erected in hours in case of a flood.

At night Prague took on a whole new character, it truly is a 24/7 city I was walking the streets both late at night and very early and there were always crowds out and about.

Heading to Strzegom in Poland I honestly wasn’t sure what I was in for, the information I had received before the event was limited but I could not have had a better time, even with the weather.

The Strzegom team is diverse, but every single member of the team bent over backwards to make sure everything possible was achieved. In the end we did not complete two classes the CICO3* Nations Cup and the CCI2* class, this was simply because cross country was no longer safe. Every effort was made but you can only have so much water on a track.

The experience and quality of the riding was more diverse than I have seen before. I saw the best riding I have ever seen on cross country in Niklas Lindback’s round on Cendrillon.


Niklas Lindback and Cendrillon on cross country.

By the time Niklas went out on Cendrillon 30 horses had been before him, the going was deep but this pair saw distances 6-10 strides out and were is complete harmony throughout. If you can find some video it is worth a watch.

Having left Poland early after the cancellation the CCI2* which I was the TD of I spent some more time in Prague this time to do some shopping (not for me but everyone else). After a very late dinner the weather had cleared so I decided to head out one last time to shoot the Old Town Square in the dark.


Prague’s old town square by night.

There is much more to tell but I am currently sitting in Prague Airport and the internet is not so reliable.

Signing off from Prague.

John (ESJ)


You are being watched.


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